Joan Collins







The English actress.

Birthday : 23.05.1933 / London.



Roles :


1952: Decameron nights; Hugo Fregonese

1955: Land of the pharaohs; Howard Hawks

1958: The bravados; Henry King

1960: Seven thieves; Henry Hathaway

1964: La congiuntura; Ettore Scola

1969: Lamore breve; Romano Scavolini, Romolo Scavolini

1971: Revenge; Sidney Hayers

1974: Dark places; Don Sharp

1975: I dont want to be born; Peter Sasdy

1976: Arthur Haileys The moneychangers; TV, Boris Sagal

1977: Poliziotto senza paura; Stelvio Massi

1978: The stud; Quentin Masters

1978: The big sleep; Michael Winner

1979: The bitch; Gerry OHara

1979: A game for vultures; James Fargo

1981-89: Dynasty; TV,

Don Medford, Alf Kjellin, Philip Leacock,

nomination on the premium "Emmy"

1984: The Cartier affair; TV, Rod Holcomb

1985: Sins; TV, Douglas Hickox

1986: Monte Carlo; TV, Anthony Page

1994: Decadence; Steven Berkoff

1995: In the bleak midwinter; Kenneth Branagh

1999: The clandestine marriage; Christopher Miles

2001: Ozzie; William Tannen






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